Inhabitants, Orvis AIR at Spalding House, Honolulu Museum. I come from a generation that has lost its social connection and relationship to the natural environment. I am seeking to reestablish my own connection to nature by using my hands and working with natural materials on site. This gives me an opportunity to learn in an intuitive way. I get access to a kind of knowledge that is not acquired rationally – not gleaned from a book. As my hands interact with natural materials they become my eyes. I am able to fully perceive the object and learn its characteristics instead of relying on assumptions. My curiosity is sparked about how native Hawaiians used lauhala leaf for roofing or flooring in their own shelters. This installation of dwelling structures for birds is a metaphor to the idea of inhabiting my feelings of disconnection with nature. I find the process of building the birdhouses an exercise in renewing my social relationship with nature as well as developing awareness on Hawaiian’s use of resources.